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A localised, community focused platform to help retailers reach and engage shoppers nearby.

Help people discover your products and generate more sales.

Embrace your customers using insights that make a difference.

Bridge the gap between digital and physical sales channels.

About us

Putting retail
back on top

Many years ago in Melbourne, Australia a great idea was born.

As shoppers, we were frustrated by not being able to find and discover products we wanted to buy in local stores nearby. We wanted the ability to search for products across all stores without having to call or visit each one.

Should be easy, right? Nope.

Back in these days there were no smart phones or apps and mobile data was slow and expensive. The technology just wasn't there yet. So we invested our time in research and development, brainstorming concepts and creating prototypes of what would ultimately become the Mavitra retail platform.

At a time when analysts were writing off brick-and-mortar retailers, we had the technology to create great value and empower them to grow once again. It was our time.

Using the Mavitra retail platform, anybody can now search for products in-store and retailers can harness the insights, engagement and sales generation opportunities this enables.

"The Mavitra retail platform benefits both customers and retailers. As a customer, I want to easily find and buy products nearby so we can support the local community, and I want my purchase in my hands now. Retailers can now provide me with a smoother shopping experience and tailored products & services."

Dean Harris, Founder & CEO
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Experience, trust and innovation

At Mavitra, we empower people through technology.

Founded in 2007 as a digital agency we soon evolved into an innovation hub focused on retail solutions. We are always looking toward the future. Always moving forward.

Our values

Commitment to continuous innovation

Exceeding client expectations

High standards. We don't settle for mediocrity.

Motivating people to achieve

Doing good, giving something back

Making life easier for people

What seperates us from everyone else? The Mavitra mindset. Our people not only believe in our philosophy, they live it.

Learn more about us here.

Our Mission

Every store. Every product.

Enable discovery of every store and every product. It's ambitious (some may say impossible) but this is our mission.

Make every product discoverable

Bring all stores, brands and products together into a single, searchable catalogue while providing a first-class shopping experience. Focus on supporting local businesses, community.

Support retailers with world-class analytics

Create an analytics platform that provides relevant metrics, insights and tools to help retailers manage stock and increase sales.

Foster customer relationships

Connect customers and retailers and promote loyalty by providing a more personalised shopping experience.

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Built for everybody

Mavitra is built for everybody in retail. Whether you're a individual retailer with a single shop or a global retail giant, we've got you covered.

Individual retailers

Just one store? No problem. We'll bring your store out of the shadows and into the limelight. This is one of the core tenets of the Mavitra platform - putting the small guys on the radar.

Retail corporations

Retail corporations with multiple brands benefit from a more detailed level of analytics. We offer enterprise analytics at its best using the latest technologies and tooling.

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres benefit from a holistic view across stores using analytics that combine store performance and customer insights.

Hotels & Tourism

Tourism hotspots benefit enormously from product search and discovery. Customers can make purchases more quickly and get on with the business of relaxing.

Airports and Travel

Airports are increasingly becoming hotspots for retail, but travellers have no idea what is available in an airport or nearby as they transit through or are waiting around, until now.

Point-of-Sale (POS) & Inventory Integration

Our platform was built from the ground up with integration in mind. We integrate point-of-sales & inventory systems and are always adding partners to our platform.


Mavitra can be whitelabelled specifically for your shopping location, marketplace or store. Improve the shopping experience for your customers and grow sales.

Need to power your website or app? Our API enables third parties to directly integrate with our platform.

We have the data and the latest search and analytics technology - don't re-invent the wheel, use ours.


Aggregated data from our platform enables government bodies to analyse shopping trends, habits and location profiles to support decisions relating to future planning of shopping precincts.


Revolution in retail

At the core of our platform is a feedback loop that connects customers to retailers in ways previously unattainable. This is just one way we deliver growth for your business. Here are some others...

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Product Search & Discovery

In-store purchases still account for over 90% of all retail transactions. Often the digital and physical worlds are seen as being separate and even conflicting. Mavitra combines these worlds into one for an elevated shopping experience.

  • Import products or integrate directly with your point of sale (POS) system
  • Combine physical and digital sales channels
  • Humanise the in-store search experience
  • Social influence and discovery
  • Text and visual search using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology
  • Secure data storage and transmission
  • Built and supported by an experienced, world-class Australian team that specialise in search technology


Retailers have access to mountains of data but no insight into what it all means. Mavitra is moving the needle when it comes to retailer analytics.

  • Customer behaviour insights
  • Nearby store search analysis
  • Wish list and search trend analysis for better stock control
  • Similar store comparison metrics
  • Customer experience metrics to help you create authenticy
  • Tools to help you understand and react to customer demands
  • Customer travel and movement analysis
  • Shopping location performance and store relevance
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Customer Experience

Welcome to the economy where customer experience is pivotal. Mavitra helps elevate your customer experience, create brand authenticity and grow your sales.

  • Help your store become an experience hub, differentiating your brand
  • Tools that facilitate individualised attention to drive emotional connections
  • Seamlessly combine digital and physical touchpoints
  • Build integrity and trust through tailored relationship building that creates emotional loyalty

Promotion & Marketing

Mavitra facilitates store cross-promotion activities and targeted customer offers.

  • Micro-target, personalise & tailor offerings to customers based on true insights and analytics
  • Find and cross-promote with stores nearby to drive foot traffic and increase sales opportunities
  • Create authentic offers for customers that minimise time and effort
  • Use insights to create empathetic promotions that show understanding of customer demands to drive deep rapport
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Getting Started

Step by step

Want to see your store on Mavitra? We've made it super simple so you can stay focused on what matters most - you.

1. Contact Us

We like to work closely with our retailers. Get in touch with us using the form below and we'll get back to you pronto.

2. We'll add your store

Adding your store doesn't take long. We just need some basic details about your store, brands and products.

3. Import products

For the best possible customer experience we can import your products directly from your point of sale (POS) system.

4. Relax and unwind

That's it! We'll get to work and send you regular updates on how your store is performing.

Help us help you

We're currently piloting the Mavitra platform with select retailers who want to be part of our journey. If you're interested in getting on board, please get in touch.

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